MaryAnn Mihychuk

liberal candidate in

Kildonan-St. Paul

MaryAnn Mihychuk

liberal candidate in

Kildonan-St. Paul


Volunteer Tasks in Every Shape and Size

Just like our supporters, volunteer tasks come in every shape and size. Even a few minutes of your time can make a significant contribution to help us bring the change that Canada needs home to Kildonan-St Paul. Phoning and door-knocking are always essential, but here are some of the many other ways you can lend a hand right now and throughout the campaign.

Choose a task that fits. Let us know when you’re available. Repeat as desired!

Contact us at to sign up.

Small but important tasks anyone can do

People needed Task
Everyone Help us keep you in the loop!
  • add your name and contact information to LiberaList – the party’s central knowledge base
  • forward campaign information (like emails or web links like this one) to friends and family
  • check in and like MaryAnn’s page on Facebook
4-6 Community Event Monitoring
  • phone or email the office with news of community events at churches, schools, clubs etc. for potential candidate appearances
  • invite MaryAnn to your own community events, act as host and make introductions
12+ Cooking & Baking
  • for specific KSP events, but also welcome any time to keep our volunteers fed!
  • baked goods for scheduled office parties on May 12th and May 27th
  • when the campaign office opens we will need a continual source of refreshments

Written Communication Tasks (from home or in the campaign office)

People needed Task
3-4 Writing
  • small articles for newsletter, blog or social media
  • fundraising appeals
  • targeted appeals based on individual election issues important to community members like you
  • press releases
  • leaflets
  • issue pieces to be dropped in target areas
3-4 Editing / Checking
  • proofreading, checking, re-reading communications to ensure they’re error free before they’re sent
12+ Event advertising
  • calling supporters, inviting them to upcoming events
  • email strategy and information blasts
  • literature drops
  • designing   posters
10-12 Envelope Stuffing
  • sorting, labeling, stuffing, sealing

Phoning (from simplest to more challenging)

People needed Task
10-12 Updating Phone and Address Information
  • call 411 (or look online) for phone listings that are missing from our database
  • find phone listings missing from the voter’s list
12+ Event Invitations
  • call supporters with event invitations
  • especially important for Seniors and those without computer or email!
12+ Recruiting Fellow Volunteers
  • Help other volunteers help!
  • follow up (within 48 hours) with individuals who have indicated that they’d like to help
  • meet each potential volunteer to identify their skills and interests
  • schedule shifts
  • record all volunteer activities in Liberalist
  • organize volunteer appreciation activities
  • bring other volunteers to the campaign
50+ Identifying Potential Liberal Voters
  • Every Wednesday from 4-8pm
  • 1.5 hours shifts – supper provided
  • bring your cell phone and laptop (if you have one)
  • phone individuals from the voters list to identify those who need more information
  • identify firm supporters of other parties (to scratch off our list)

Event Management Tasks

People needed Task
12+ Helping to run KSP events
  • arrive early, stay late
  • set up, knock down, clean up
  • bring food
  • take photos or videos for social media
  • report on the event for the newsletter or social media

Campaign Office Duties

People needed Office hours are ideally 9am to 9pm, Every Day
100+ Schedule a regular shift in the office (or as many shifts as you’d like)
  • greet visitors
  • answer incoming calls
  • bookkeeping
  • tidying, basic maintenance

Computer / Database tasks

People needed Task
3-4 Updating Databases
  • databases need constant updating, monitoring, synchronization
  • Liberalist updates
  • help develop demographic-specific lists for targeted contact
  • help record and report volunteer time and events in Liberalist so we receive more campaign support
4-6 Updating Addresses
  • find updated mailing and email addresses for individuals whose contact information has failed
10+ Lending Hardware
  • lend a computer or tablet/Apple device (iPad, iPod, older iPhone) to the effort
4-6 Email Communications
  • packaging outgoing communication for electronic distribution

On the Doorstep and In the Community

People needed Task
100+ Literature Drop
  • delivering flyers to mailboxes in your neighbourhood (or elsewhere, if you have a vehicle)
100+ Driving & Errands
  • pick up volunteers or participants to attend events
  • pick up supplies
  • do printing at Staples
  • drop off letters to specific voters
  • install event posters in strategic locations
100+ Door Knocking
  • candidate canvass: With MaryAnn, any day 10am to 7pm weekly (Sunday start is 12 noon)
  • walk canvass with another volunteer any Saturday at noon
  • walk canvass with others during national “Day of Action” events
  • identify supporters and issues important to KSP

Donations / Loaners

Office Furnishings
  • chairs, microwave, fridge, kettle, coffee maker
  • laptops, iPads, printers and cables
  • tools for sign installation and repair: stapler, 2-5 lb sledge, hammers